12 December 2013

Free Altcoin - Alternative Cryptocoin

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Daftar tempat menambang Alternative Cryptocoin Gratis rekomended by indolaron, sebisa mungkin di Update setiap saat guna memantau bahwa lahan tersebut masih benar-benar membayar atau sudah SCAM/tidak membayar lagi :)

  1. https://alcurex.com
  2. https://allcoin.com
  3. https://bittrex.com
  4. https://bleutrade.com
  5. https://btc.sx
  6. https://bter.com
  7. http://coinaccel.com SPD
  8. https://www.coinexchange.io
  9. https://www.coingather.com
  10. https://coin-swap.net
  11. https://www.coins-e.com SPD
  12. https://comkort.com
  13. https://cryptoine.com
  14. https://www.cryptomic.com
  15. https://cryptorush.in
  16. https://cryptopia.co.nz
  17. https://www.cryptorex.com
  18. https://cryptsy.com
  19. https://ccnex.com
  20. https://c-cex.com
  21. https://empirex.ch
  22. https://empoex.com
  23. https://europex.eu
  24. http://fobcoin.com
  25. https://www.kraken.com
  26. https://novaexchange.com
  27. https://megacrypton.com
  28. https://poloniex.com
  29. https://safecex.com
  30. https://usecryptos.com
  31. https://yobit.io
  32. https://mintpal.com
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1. Alexium Coin

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High Yield Investment Irogram (HYIP)
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  1. http://bitcoingarden.tk
  2. https://cryptocointalk.com
  3. http://www.cryptosandwich.com
  4. Coin Awesome - AWE1
  5. Coin Awesome - AWE2
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