05 March 2014

PremineCoin Alternative Currency with Interesting Concepts

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We have seen at the end of last year (December 2013) the world market in appalling a virtual currency called Bitcoin. And the breakthrough was made ​​by by cryptocurrencies named Preminecoin (PMC).

Premine Coin (PMC) is an alternate cryptocurrency that is defying normal convention in its method of mining and distribution. While some coins are mined, or earn you interest, Premine is exclusively redistributed by its users, and block rewards are generated only by network transaction fees.

More days Premine has become one viable alternative currency used for samapai today have much use around the world.

According to the information I can from the official PMC, the word “premine” refers to the terminology of mining before a coin is officially launched. Although the word has had both positive and negative connotations, it simply refers to coins that have been mined before launch. Since all of Premine was mined before launch for distribution, the name symbolizes its unique method of distribution. Proof of Distribution, if you will. So even though technically all of the coins are “premined”, they are all in the hands of the community.

All of the coins that ever exist have already been created and have been entirely distributed amongst the community. This distribution has continued ever since on all levels, not just by the developer, but by community members and even the exchanges.

You can find more about Preminecoin at Official:
Android OS
  1. This wallet is de-centralized and peer to peer. No server is needed.
  2. Conversion to and from national currencies and Bitcoins.
  3. Sending and receiving of Premines via NFC, QR-codes or Premine URLs (premine:address).
  4. Address book for regularly used Premine addresses.
  5. When you're offline, you can still pay via Bluetooth.
  6. System notification for received coins.
  7. App widget for Preminecoin balance.
Get free coins every day!
http://faucet.premineco.in (MAINTENANCE)

Ok. I'll join. So it will be given away all.....ENJOY IT.!!!  :)


11 komentar :

  1. Nice info and I have join too ...
    How many rate exchange Preminecoin to Bitcoin?

    1. Check all rate your coin in Poloniex
      Rate PMC 0.0006/BTC (today) :-d

  2. Do Preminecoin can be used for online shopping?

    1. Yes, of course. :ya:
      One of the online stores that support Preminecoin is AltOutlet,
      please check directly.....

    2. Thank you friend.... :-d

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