17 September 2011

DbClix [closed - 10 October 2011]

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The owner of DBClix is someone named Surachmat.
PTC uses the original script of Indonesia that is Indo Bux Service Life Time License ver 1.0
PTC has been established long enough that on June 2, 2009. For payments to members PTC does not have a problem all members who request payout is paid in a timely manner. DBClix stability and continue to pay its members is a proof that the PTC is worthy to be a place to invest.

Excess DBCLIX.

1. Pay you, this is the most important of all PTC flying businesses.
2. Secure login page, because it uses HTTPS format and there are Secondary Passwords can increase your account's security.
3. Cheap upgrades, to become a premium member one month is quite cheap only $ 99000.00.
4. Very active forum. Is the place to discuss an issue, post proof of payment, news & support from the admin, and the place to know each other.
5. The site is slow to access, when accessing the site this PTC taste very slow.

Disadvantages DBCLIX

1. Referrals are rented numbers are still small, had to rent a standard member refferral at the times specified.
2. Means of payment is less, can only be through the BCA and Bank Mandiri, can not be through Paypal or Alert Pay.
3. No Vacation Mode feature. This feature is a feature pause / freeze for your account if you want a vacation, so if you have a lot of rental referral and you are a premium member you will not experience huge losses.
4. Never been exposed to a hack, but do not worry this site is still secure.

Another thing you should know from DBCLIX

1. PO (payout) / Payment can only be done using a bank account. Banks that use the BCA and Mandiri.
2. First minimum payout amount of Rp. 20,000, second to a maximum of Rp 50,000 to Rp 100,000, for a minimum payout so on.
3. For Standart members:
- Ad Standart worth Rp. 50, every day there are four standard ad
- Free Tiny worth Rp. 10, every day sometimes up 1-4.
- Advertising Mini worth Rp. 25, rarely appears.
The amount you earn each day about Rp. 200 s / d Rp. PO 300.Untuk achieve a minimum of $ 20,000, with no referrals required about 2.5 times monthly.
Refferal rental price of Rp. 2500
4. Reset ads every hour 24:00 am
5. Data and Clock Upgrade Rent refferal.

Status : Closed
Paid    : Rp74.945,-


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