31 July 2011

IDR-Clickit [closed - 2 August 2011]

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IDR-CLICKIT no doubt is one of PTC sites that most members. Since its official opening in April 2009 to the present IDR-CLICKIT already pay some 1.6 billion Euro over the 10 000 members. Much more when compared with DBclix. In addition to its Web site that is lightweight and easily accessible, S-clickit PTC is also considered a Most Stable and has been proven legit trusted for many years.

In TCM this forum you can find the strategy right to raise the AVG, the strategies found in the forum then the key play in the hands anda.saran sentraclix me in the play IDR-CLICKIT recycle was diligent, industrious, diligently recycle avg because you will increase

The master PTC now also has to join in this PTC, This proves that the PTC is now being hunted users into the virtual world to reap an abundant profit .. Because this business is very easy and can bring huge profit .. until a bunch of 5m per month .. how to not arouse.

IDR-CLICKIT able to become more stable and durable than the other PTC because it has clickrate and systems that are reasonable and not grandiose as shown below:

Standard Member
- Pay per click: Rp. 50
- Per referral click: Rp. 25

Member Upgrades
- Pay per click: Rp. 100
- Per referral click: Rp. 50

Minimum Payment: Rp. 20 000
Payment methods: BCA, BNI, Bank Mandiri, Paypal
Old Payment: Local Bank 1-7 days - Paypal Instant Payment

Status : Closed - 2 August 2011
Paid    : $5.76


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